Hi there! I'm Lakeithea Nicole, Blogger, Business Owner & Consultant.


I have had the pleasure and desire to create content for over 10 years. Currently, I love blogging about my journey with mental illness and chasing God. 

I absolutely love consulting! I am a Nashville-based freelance consultant in Content Marketing, Public Relations and Brand Development and I am the founder of Black Fashion Influencer.


Services & Pricing

I love freelance consulting and helping brands see their vision come to life! Services + Prices for One-on-One Consulting for small businesses. 

  • Content Marketing:  $250.00 {2hr session}

  • Public Relations: $275.00 {2hr session}

  • Marketing/PR for brand owners- $250.00 {2hr session}


Lakeithea is an excellent instructor with a perfect mix of knowledge and passion. She is excellent at engaging the adult learner and creating realistic action items to help learners set and reach goals throughout her course.

She helped me personally by helping me to focus on my brand strategy and create content that has encouraged interaction by my followers on social media and my blog! Her formula is one for success and I look forward to learning more from her in the future.

Dr. Teresa Vasquez - Educator, Developer, and Business/IT Strategist

“On the two occasions that I sat down with Lakeithea she has been nothing short of amazing! On the first networking brunch, I was able to show her my current designs and received great feedback. She was honest and upfront with me; she gave me constructive criticism and helped mold my brand into the driving force it is today. I was so comfortable coming to her with my ideas and plans for Threads by Dreads. Her positive demeanor and enthusiastic attitude is always appreciated. She equipped me with the necessary resources and motivated me to challenge myself and change the fashion game...not only on a domestic front but, Internationally as well. To this day, I still run to her for a quick brainstorming session! I respect her advice and will continue to appreciate her for what she contributes to my success as a designer.“

Christiana (Founder of Threads By Dreads)

“When I thought of starting an incubation and mentorship hub for Fashion/ Creative brands and ideas, I spent sleepless nights trying to reach out to different people from around the globe, selling the idea, countless pitchings, meetings, calls, skype. This is what happens when you strongly feel your dream is not just for you, You don't want to settle, because you feel you are dreaming on behalf of others as well, that's what i feel and i've always felt. Some people told me this couldn't work, some said it's hard investing in such an idea here in Africa. But persistence and being passionate can work magic in making things happen, after weeks and months of emails, pitching, someone all the way from USA believed in the dream, Lakeithea Nicole Founder/CEO of 1608 Creatives.a Fashion PR, Marketing and Consulting Agency. she said " You know what Wilkings let's do this!!". Right now she's not just our official USA partners but offers mentorship and training to our incubates in the hub thanks to technology. When you have a dream. go on make it happen , go on talk about it someone somewhere is waiting for you, don't be intimidated, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. God has prepared something special for you somewhere. Be inspired.” 

Wilkings Fadhili CEO of Fashion Torch Africa


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