Hi! I am Lakeithea Nicole, thank you so much for stopping by my blog space. I feel incredibly lucky to share this space with everyone.

Today as I sit down to write a new about me and fix up my blog page (July 14, 2018) I really consider the space that I am in mentally, emotionally and physically. Earlier in the year I traded in church for therapy, I was introduced to healing energy work, tarot and meditation in search of moving forward from depression and helping to learn better coping skills to fight anxiety.

I’ve spent many, many years walking and living my life completely through depression and fear, breaking away from that mode and truly living and feeling alive has been a struggle. Healing has been a struggle but I LOVE to feel alive and I want to keep this feeling. “Feelings” I am learning to tap into them for the first time in years.


This blog consist of my personal journey, things that I love, my quirky spiritual journey, my battle with mental illness, my connection with womanhood and more. 



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A LITTLE MORE: I am an optimist who absolutely loves life, but that hasn’t always been the case. Since my teen years. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety, I have always constantly struggled with overcoming those fears of not having a beautiful life that one can be proud of. I was a drunk in college, I’ve failed many projects and businesses due to not being able to move past fighting depression, I’ve dated out of pure instant satisfaction, I’ve picked up hobbies (good/bad) not because I was interested but because anything that seemed to give me instant happiness and relief from depression was the answer for me. I spent over 15 years fighting depression and thinking negative about life and not much about what the future looks like and now I am at a place of learning what life will look like for me. Finally, at 31, healing, healthier and finally learning about myself (YUP AT 31) I can finally admit that and finally admit that I am learning so much about myself, I am finally fully becoming what my life was designed to be. I am excited about this road, I am excited about the possibility of finding my home within my soul that I never knew existed.  

This blog reflects all the growth, wander and creating a personal home. It’s a space of freedom, community and everything else that makes my heart happy!