11 Customer Care Topics To Place On Your Shopping Website

We talk a lot about how your company’s greatest asset is your Customer! Without your customer there is no brand and no sales. I think brand’s have a duty to treat their greatest assets with much respect and that’s including making sure their experience on the shopping site is without confusion and problems.

No matter where you are in your business you will have to supply your customers with a breakdown of customer care information. You want to make sure you have your brand covered legally as well as use this to connect with your customers and build trust.

| Contact Us

A Contact Form is the easiest piece of information you will put together for your website. Answering customers and business inquiries should be one click away. On the contact page it’s best to give your customer the option to email you through your website or a direct email.

You can also decide to add different emails by departments. (Wholesale/PR/Customer Service) to avoid your general email piling up. 


The FAQ should include any common questions you may receive from customers. This is a page to have a complete breakdown about Orders, Shipping, Returns, Contests and even Social Media use. Focus on highlighting your most asked questions that you can lead customers to directly.

| Returns & Exchanges

Will you offer a cash return or exchange for items? How will the returns process be for your online shopping. You should note the return policy for items on sale, any changes that can be made to an already placed order. How would the process go for items returned and for customers who used a gift card or even purchased Pre-order. What exchanges can be made?

| Shipping

What are the shipping options available for the US and also International Shipping? Be clear on expected shipping times and fees and companies that will deliver items. Highlight your P.O Box shipping policy. Information regarding if your company does or does not ship internationally needs to be told to the customer before taking the money.

| Privacy Policy

If your company and website collects any information, tell the customers what information (detailed) and why you use the information. This should include any information from contests, surveys and promotions you gather. A detailed breakdown of how you use the information you collect and any business purposes you may use any customer's information for. Cover the policy on images from Social Media, Newsletters and Emails and what usage rights your company have. Your privacy rights, security for credit cards and other data that you protect your customers from. Share information regarding which partners you may or may not share your customer's information with.

| Terms of Use

Terms of use can talk about account registration, if customers can sign into a page or third-party page to log in and see any information from you. Product information and specifications any changes you have the right to make. Product Orders, limits and resale, cover your right to limit orders especially on sales or contest, your right to resale items or restrict product orders from any customer. Submission of order, that customers give you the right to complete their orders, Sweepstakes, Content, Promotion  and your rights to make any changes should all be highlighted in terms of use

| Safe Shopping

Remind your customers the safety you use handling their credit card information on your website. 

| Size Chart

Cover yourself from loss from not properly telling customers about your sizing. Does your sizing run differently? This is especially important for custom designers. Create a size chart that help eliminate so many online returns for bad fit. Break the sizing chart down by details, sex, age, height, weight. Teach your customers how to measure themselves.

| Promotion Rules

List the details of your company promotional rules in full.

| Company Information

“People buy from people” use this section to tell your customers who you are and what your company stands for. The bio should talk directly to the customer.

| Live Chat

Do you ever check your business Instagram after a long day and realize so many people are asking you questions? A live chat would be perfect for those quick inquiries from customers. A live chat help keeps customers on the website to continue shopping.