5 Reasons Squarespace is Perfect For Your E-Commerce

Starting an online E-commerce shop can be intimidating but platforms such as Squarespace makes it easy. Squarespace is always my go to for client websites and strategy sessions. Today I will share 5 reasons why Squarespace is perfect for your E-commerce startup.

Squarespace ecommerce

Squarespace is an easy to use platform

Through my fashion business journey whether it’s been personal or working with clients I have tried my hands at different platforms, Wix, Godaddy, Blogger, WordPress, Shopify, Webs, I can name many but Squarespace is by far my favorite. To begin, Squarespace makes it easy for someone to research and locate what type of website they would like to have on their platform (Cover-Page, Website or Online Store). Once you are logged in with a template you love the navigation is easy to follow.

Squarespace templates provide you with a professional look & it’s easy to customize

If you are looking for a professional looking website but on a budget, Squarespace offers just that. The templates are very clean and professional. Squarespace pre-template layouts are my favorite because not only does it allow for you to simply insert your own descriptions, pictures, logo, video’s etc. it’s also easy to customize if you like. They offer many samples of templates to start with whether you want to offer more content or have the product page the main focus. You can offer video’s, more professional styled looks, blog posts, whatever your focus for page content Squarespace covers it. Once on the template, name of pages can be changed, placement of items can be changed & you can even add more details & pages that you like. On the “Design” page you can change colors, sizes, fonts, etc. on your template & easily switch your template up at any time. If you are looking to do a new look for the next season, Squarespace makes it easy to switch over!

Squarespace E-commerce page is your best friend

The commerce section on Squarespace makes life a little easier with running an online store. From the navigation page (Commerce section) everything you need is broken down from orders, inventory, payments and discounts are all easy to setup and under settings (Commerce section) includes tax, shipping, checkout, notifications and more. Keeping up with orders are easy with Squarespace detailing order number, when the purchase was made, by who and their email, if the payment went through and more. It also allows you to include tax information, shipping has two options. Sales Overview keeps track of it all, talk about easy tax filing information.

Squarespace SEO capabilities offer you less stress

It can be stressful trying to market a brand, especially if it’s a new brand. Squarespace is optimized for SEO, but I still remind clients that you must help Google find you. That means providing quality content, filling out all your information. Under Squarespace settings page you go to Marketing (SEO) and it allows you to fill out your Search Engine Brand Description, Site Title is how the title of your page appears in browser tabs. Also make sure every picture has a title & link and go to your pages and updating the page details in case the page is indexed by search engines.

Squarespace offers a built-in detailed metric system

On top of having Google Analytics one of my favorite things about Squarespace is their built-in metric system. Metrics include: Traffic Overview, Mobile Usage, Subscribers, Referrers, Popular Content, Search Engine Queries, Site Search Queries, and Activity Log. Squarespace manages all this information for you. Learn and understand how shoppers got to your website and what pages they linger that can help you understand where your focus should be as a shop owner.