3 Actions to Take to Push Instagrammers to Your Website

Instagram is a platform that designers bet on. If you are on Instagram you are expecting to post visuals and draw in customers immediately, which most are shocked to find it’s not quite that simple. I find the use of Instagram intriguing because what works for one company can be a complete fail for another company. When it comes to using any social media platforms understanding your audience and their personality is the most important step at strategizing how to reach out to them. 

You should be learning how to get arouse out of your followers, you must also understand that your social media is suppose to be a funnel to your website. You want to engage followers and inspire them to head to your website to purchase there, unless you sale directly from Instagram, you should always be leading your customers to your website. 

For 1608 I love for the action to happen on our website, I don’t mind the action taking place on social media but I find I enjoy leaving the noise of the social platforms and enjoy talking to my audience on our website. From the Live chats, to newsletter clicks & personal responses, to live sessions. I like to drive those interested onlookers onto the website. This is beneficial because this is where you really get to be a part of the community and understand my work far better.   

When planning out your social media you should be thinking of how do you pour into social media users, such as on Instagram and have those customers end up the company website. 

Here are 3 actions to take to drive customers to your website! 


Understand your customer personality for Instagram Posting 

It’s very important to understand your customer personality because you will know how that customer love to receive information and how they will respond. Does your customer have a fun, perky personality? If so that customer will want to see bright colors, fun & entertaining posts that leads them to fun experiences online. Is your customer a quiet, give it to me straight personality? If so that customer will like for you to promote calmness to them. They want to be drawn into the laidbackness of your scene on your website. 

Make social media posts mistakes upfront to know what your audience wants 

In order to find what your customers love, you will have to try out different ways to feed your company information to them. You will not know the response if you do not give it a try. Build a strategy, be consistent and see what the response is. Pay attention to what your audience is commenting on, liking and what is drawing them to the website. Those are the types of posts you want to do more of. 

Tease your audience on Instagram; it’s all about a funnel to the website 

It’s one thing to get a customer to land on your social media profile and type a simple comment but you want them to actually go to the website and you make a sale, sign up for a newsletter, RSVP for your pop up shop, etc.. In order to do that, stop giving your ALL too social media. You want to tease your audience & drive them to the website that is where they make purchases, that’s where they find your products and information about your services. Use behind-the-scenes, photo shoot's, video's, blog captions, customer highlights and more to tease your audience. 

We take countless of Social Media courses and webinars showing how things WORKED for them but not how to create a strategy that help YOUR brand. It’s important to create a strategy, stick with it and tweak it for your company benefit. What draws customers into one brand website may not work for you. Do some digging with your customers and see how and why your posts lead them to your website. Brand owners put so much into social media but they also need to put A LOT into the websites because that’s where business is being done! 

How are you leading your followers to your website?