3 Popular Event Idea's To Launch a Fashion Brand

There is one goal in mind when introducing a new brand and/or collection, gain loyal customers. You want people to become a fan of your brand. 

When planning a fashion event, a fashion show is everyone’s go-to idea with how to showcase the brand and I love a great fashion show but it doesn’t allow for the interaction that’s needed between the brand’s team, the customers, bloggers and editors. Typically after a fashion show guest is hitting the door afterwards and have you noticed how anyone hardly lingers around your vendor tables, which should be hosted BEFORE the fashion show. 

Having the right fashion showcase is crucial in your introduction phase. In a world full of designers, Instagram snaps and Twitter chat you want to stand out and do that by going directly to the customer and press. You can do that by creating showcases that allow you to interact with them all.  


Host a press preview for editors and bloggers 

There are many options when hosting a press preview for editors and bloggers. Finding a location and setting the room up like a showroom and allow press to come in to take pictures and ask questions directly with the designer and/or representative. If you are an emerging brand this would be an amazing opportunity for the designer, they should be present and prepped and ready to present their collection. 

With blogger invitations know some information about their style of writing and relate that to them when they stop by the press preview. Set up a styling/product station and allow bloggers to try on samples, add food and always have a theme for your press preview. 

Complete your press preview showroom with business cards, gift bags, line sheets and a press kit.  

Create a fashion presentation 

Notice how at fashion shows people are so focused on quickly taking a picture while the model is walking down the runway, they not really paying attention to the clothing. Social Media has done that to us lately we have to show everyone, everything. That is why I prefer emerging brands to host a fashion presentation over a show because attendees have the time to really take in the designs and products. 

If you are showcasing an app or speaking about your fashion product, non-profit, website or project this is a great time to really speak with people and connect them to the idea and inspiration behind it. Use this time to get creative with your themes. Showcase the whole feel of your collection, project, website, vision and your whole brand personality. 

Host a social event 

The best part about hosting a social event is the welcomeness is provides to your customers. A social event is the perfect way to showcase what your brand is all about and take the shoppers brand experience to a whole new level. I personally think of the social event as a time to mix and mingle, rather than to sale. Let the brand experience do that on its own. 

Many brands don’t have successful social events because they treat it like a tradeshow, when it’s not. Whether you are considering a dinner party, sip & shop or a little soiree, make it fun and memorable. Make it interactive, adding a video, social media presence, Instagram photo booth are all great ways to really drive up your awareness. A social event is also a great time to meet your customers, sometimes with press previews or presentations we overlook others trying to speak with everyone we feel is more important to talk business. Remember, shake a lot of hands, they are there for a reason!