3 Ways To Turn Those Failed Press Releases Into Blog Posts

As an independent designer writing a press release can be a big deal for you and when you receive no response it can be heartbreaking!

Not every press release is a hit especially for new designers (DIYing) the Public Relations job themselves. Instead of tossing the press release in the trash bin of your email take the press release and create your own blog post.

Did you know that blogging is just as effective as a press release? no it may not get you in Vogue but it allows you to be direct and engage intimately with your customers without a middlemen.

It’s important to know that in an industry of over saturation your greatest asset is your customer.  Without your customer there is no brand! Taking a press release and turning it into a blog can help you connect with your greatest asset personally.


Give a “Customer” spin to the press release

A traditional press release is a formal write up and is meant for a professional journalist to dissect and a blog post is more informal. Take your press release and break it down to a conversational piece for our customers giving them the most intriguing information that draws them in. Think of the questions you get from them directly regarding your product or the particular market. With the blog post there is no need for fancy talk, it’s like having a conversation with a friend.

Your customer reading your blog post doesn’t care about all the background information, they want to know how this product will benefit them.

Make it Social Media Friendly

When we land press we typically highlight the publication and title once on Social Media and keep it going. When you have a press release that you have turned into a blog post you can get creative with your Social Media post to draw in clicks to your website.

I always tell clients to create 3-5 captions for each blog post. The way someone reads information on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram is completely different. No one knows your social media followers more than you. Appeal to them exactly how they love to be engaged. Include “quotables” that are less CEO focus and more Social Media share worthy for your customers. 

Include your customers

With a press release it’s focused on a general customer base, the blog post is a great time to showcase that general “customer base” and actual align a face to the brand. This is the opportunity to get personal with your customers. You know what the product benefits are and using an actual customer who has used the product in your blog post is definitely worth some extra points.

Instead of hiring models or just showcasing the product, how it typically would be with press round up your customers and show them some appreciation. 

It will definitely be a win for you!