3 Ways You Are Cheating Your Online Shoppers

If you are looking to grow your brand, you must decide to be customer focused and that comes with responsibility and your policy, “No refunds and exchanges” does great harm to your brand. Customers want to know you care and deserve to not be cheated. Stop denying returns, exchanges and great customer service. Here are 3 reasons your customers know you do not put them first.


You Have No Clue about Sizing

Let’s be honest about all the amazing online boutique owners, you may be great at picking out some clothes but you are not a designer and you don’t think twice about sizing, style or fit. When you do not take out the time to learn about sizing, fabric, stretch, etc. you forget about your customers. All customers come in different sizes and shapes and a medium is not the same for everyone. It may also be beneficial to let your customers know about the material because some material just looks better in certain sizes. If you are not familiar with measurements for your target market you will have a problem.

As I analyze Instagram so many of you guys are having customers complain in your comment section about the fit, the fabric and how things just wasn’t the same when the “dress or skirt” was delivered to them. Take out the time to really learn about sizing and quit losing customers.

Note: Try being diverse with your models. If you are selling an item in a larger size then the model, have some models in L or XL in the shoots as well so your customer can see how it will fit and look on their body type.

Your Quality of Fabric is Just Bad

Those wholesalers you are purchasing from and charging $80&up for your products is out-of-hand. The fabric is not even worth $20. This is a big reason to have some form of refund/exchange policy. You are purchasing from the same wholesalers and the problem is that the fabric you have is not of high quality. Things look so awesome on your model but when it gets to the customer it's not the same. Be mindful of that when you are choosing your products and treat your customer with respect. Respect enough to know that the quality they are paying for is not good and they deserve the opportunity to get the right fit. Those spandex clothes can hit all the wrong curves if it’s not the right size, offer an exchange or you won’t have a returning customer.

You Do Not Provide Any Customer Care

Posting a return/exchange policy is important if you are an online merchant that doesn’t have it displayed. Not displaying it will not stop the customer from trying to return or exchange; it will just make the customer angry and feel that the online merchant is unprofessional.

*STOP* All you online boutiques owners and designers and check your Instagram, I promise you I am not the only one to notice that you have some angry customers because of no response back from emails regarding their purchases. Get that problem fixed immediately.

Think about your customers, it’s important to try and do at least an exchange or refund (you could offer store credit refund). Many of you want to be boutique owners but don’t want to go about it the professional way. Research what the Returns Law is in your state that your business is registered at.

If you are a custom designer, have a sizing method in place to make sure your customer gets exactly what they need or you won't have an unsatisfied client.

Re-thinking Your Customer Service Policy

If you want to be treated like a professional boutique you have to learn to act like a professional and responsible business owner. Get on doing some research, and dive into growing your business, without your customers there is no business. Think of all the possibilities if you would learn to think about your customer’s just as much as you think about being popular on Instagram. Learn to display good customer service!

Thinking that no returns and exchanges protect you? You are right to some degree but you must also remember that customers expect authenticity and transparency. They expect from you what your website and visuals say it will do, so correct yourself on your end. Check your sizes, check your fabric, check your messages and be a great brand owner.