4 Ways To Incorporate Charity In Your Fashion Business

“Charity” is a word that brand owners have most likely heard several times since launching their business. Whether it’s a charity asking you to donate funds, partner on an event or spread the word on a cause, there are a lot of options to be involved.

Deciding to partner or create an organization for helping others should always align with your company’s mission and vision. It should be a partnership that your customers believe in and happy to be apart of. You shouldn’t decide to participate in any charity “just to look” good.

I look at it as a responsibility you take on when you create a business. Having a sense of community work is a great way to use your brand to also create a community of do-ers.

Look at your mission and decide where your company can be a big help and not only your company but your customers.

“People change people.”

Inspiring your customers to get involved in the giving is very important and the great thing about doing charity. When you decide to involve charity in your work it should be a team effort, it shouldn’t be exclusive, it should inspire a movement locally and/or globally.

When you decide to tackle “charity” start small and set some goals to meet. Allow yourself to understand exactly what your brand needs to meet your expectations. Trial bases is very important because you want to make sure you can meet your goals and have a full understanding of them before making a commitment of x amount of dollars that you may not actually sure is feasible for your company. 

| Team up to Raise Funds {Partner with a Nonprofit or local organization}

This is typically one area a business is asked to team up and help raise funds for nonprofits and organizations locally. This is a great way to be a team player to your local market. You can find ways to raise funds for families in need, organizations that focus on feeding families or helping them in other areas. You can help fund research or provide funding to a cause that is close to your heart, help schools get items students need! Raising funds through your business can be as simple as a (%) of items sold going to the cause or even create an event or a limited edition collaboration.

| Donate “Specific” items for others in need

A great way to partner up with your customers is to donate items in need. This can be shoes, coats, scarves, business clothing or it can be food bags. With so many opportunities to donate items, this is a great time to really think about something that will inspire your customers to get involved.

| Foster Economic Growth

Very important and typically done in many foreign countries but it would be great to see economic growth partnerships around the world! Letting funds help with providing jobs and opportunities to families, college graduates or others.

| Assist in raising Awareness

Charity collaborations don’t always have to be about money it could simply be about raising awareness. Such as educational programs, ethical and sustainable practices. Think about what your customers really believe in and tie that in with your business practices.

Do your business have charity goals for 2017? How are you planning to meet them?