5 Important Gigs For Self-Branding Fashion Designers

Many of you are interested in stepping outside of your design studio and share your business story or expertise.  

Recently, we discussed putting together a personal brand. Defining your angle, putting together a professional press kit and getting to know your market.  

Once you have a plan and a kit together it's pretty much time to focus on your angle and how you will move ahead and that's where "notable" gigs come into play.  

If you need a recap here are 3 important steps:

1. Develop a personal brand

2. Understand your goals & objectives

3. Create a plan

So, what are some Notable gigs?

"Know your angle and focus : Are you looking to host webinars, sit on business panels, speak at conferences, do mentoring, talk about your business with the media, write Books? Whatever it is, make sure it’s a part of your marketing plan."  



There are benefits to becoming a speaker and opportunities to cover a range of topics. If you have already narrowed down your 3-5 speaking topics (niches) researching opportunities will not be hard. From business lectures, panels to industry conferences, speaking allows you to connect with potential customers and other industry professionals, all while lending your voice to the latest industry happenings. If you are new to the speaking opportunities starting locally can give you the experience you need and allow you to build upon your expertise with your audience directly and grow your press kit.   

Workshop Teaching

Whether you are teaching topics directly in your field or topics on starting a business, workshops are definitely an awesome opportunity. When becoming a speaker or leading a workshop, it's best to go further than just speaking on "Entrepreneurship" or speaking on "Fashion"...What about Entrepreneurship you have the most experience, are you great at trademarks & copyrights? are you well versed in funding? Breaking down your expertise in these area's will help you land more opportunities. In fashion do you know where designers can go for suppliers and production assistance? Are you trained in knitwear? Are you a denim trend expert? Focus on breaking down your industry and your focus points. 

Business Features

For new designers gaining business features are just as beneficial as gaining press on your products. I always tell clients you want a two way street when it comes to press. You need the eyes of consumers and the eyes of potential investors/partners/collaborators. You need to know what everyone is reading and how to get you and your brand in there. Gaining business features, talking about the industry, your brand, your advice, your insight is always a win. People buy from people! Sharing your story and connecting with your audience can lead to better sales and engagement. Local press opportunities are always the first place to start!  


From seminars to live events you can host other people events or even throw your own. Being named as a host can be a great step to introducing your personal brand to a new audience. Being a host locally in your community for events and charities can bring more awareness from the public and from your local community.  


Creating an E-book is not always on designers mind but if you would like to do speaking opportunities, press features, etc. writing a E-book that will help others in your field and/or position is a great idea. It can help you to build consistency in your personal brand and help you narrow down how to take a position in your industry and niche.