5 Simple Social Media Tweaks For Your Personal Profile

With the amount of business/niche related media popping up over the years there are many ways to drive amazing business related conversations for women. 

Social Media can be used as an tool to help you land opportunities around the world. With some simple changes you can become a strong figure and inspire other women to become business owners.  

social media tips

Let your bio reflect your expertise 

You Social Media bio should be short and simple. Tell the world what you are an expert in, be direct. Your personal brand bio needs to be different then your brand. Instead of "We help brands tell stories" something a brand bio would say, your personal brand should state something along the lines of, 

  1. Graphic Designer and Marketing Expert 

  2. Visual storyteller and founder of..(Business Name)

  3. Knitwear designer and founder of...(Business Name)

  4. Fashion Trend expert and writer at...(Publication)

Get creative with your profile picture 

The profile picture you decide for your personal blog does not have to be so formal. Let your profile picture reflect your line of work. Try taking some action shots of you doing business, those make lasting impressions on a personal page, save your strict Black and White head shots for LinkedIn. Visuals are everything in the digital space right now, let your picture introduce your followers to your brand.  

Feature 3-5 expert topics  

Narrow down your Social Media topics to no more than 3-5 main topics to focus on. This allows your brand to be consistent and also draws in more people to connect and engage with that is interested in those topics. Avoid being everything in these spaces, the more you dive into you main topics the more of an expert you look like.  

Make visuals consistent and brand worthy 

Showcase what your brand stands for with consistency but also work. Beautifully aligned colors on a page is great but Social Media is a funnel to your website, if you are using it for business then you want people to click off Instagram and onto your website. Make sure your visuals look great but are also promotions for your brand. Think of Social Media has advertisement.

 1. what are you marketing & selling and is it working?  

Follow the right people 

Who you follow, connect with and network with on Social Media makes a big difference. You want to connect with people that will share your information, reach out to you for features or speaking opportunities, purchase from you or connect with you in other ways. No point in focusing on a personal brand if you are not planning on growing. Stop crowding your Social Media with people who have no interest in your brand. You should be following people that you can engage with. 

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