5 Tactics to Highlight Brand Experience for Your Online Shoppers


Before you start the process of building an online shopping website think about your brand message and ways you can share that online with customers. 

Key Points 

  1. Think about what makes your brand and your customer’s unique. 
  2. Think about how you can curate content and personalize it. 
  3. Give your readers incredible visuals, engagement and brand highlights on your e-commerce homepage. 

  4. Your website landing page should intrigue them to shop, read more about your brand or sign up for a newsletter. 

If you are looking for some ways to engage your shoppers, you must first understand their shopping habits and personality. An online shopping experience is not a one-size-fits all. Today we have provided you with a few ways to engage your shoppers online. 

Brand Experience

Curate Content 

Curating content is a great way to bring in shoppers and also a great way to provide your customers with daily, weekly or monthly insight from your brand. When you curate content make it useful to your brand and the customer. Your content can include ways to wear an item, background information for socially conscious brands and consumers, highlight your favorite tunes, and give details about the products, where it was made or what was the inspiration. (check out our post on content) 

Jazz Up Holiday Sales 

I am not sure if you realize it but Holidays are a great time to host a sale! It’s also really fun to give your website some Holiday cheer for customers.  Don’t be afraid to do something totally different with your holiday sales, offer a giveaway, percentage off, create fun hashtags, or play a game on your website for customer to win prizes. Make the Holiday sales personal to your brand and your shoppers for the ultimate brand experience.  

Display Quality Video’s, Images and Look books 

I think we have all heard many times how important images are in the sale of a product. I find that customers love brands that really represent them or that go BIG in their photography. When it comes to video’s a brand can do video look books, behind-the-scenes of a collection or photo shoot, a fashion film (my favorite) or a how-to. You can even try opening with a fun video that draw your customer in. Uploading your brands look book on the website is a great way to showcase the entire collection in a cohesive way; it also gives you the opportunity to really put on an online fashion presentation, fixed with creative direction and great styling to inspire.  

Introduce Your Newsletter 

Email marketing campaigns and newsletter signup are always a great way to build an email list. Target content, deals, styling tips, personal letters from the designer are an awesome way to get customers back to your website weekly or monthly. 

Showcase Your Social Media 

I know you are wondering why you may want to showcase your social media pictures but this is a great way to lead customers from the web to your social and social fans to your website! I love websites that remind customers to be a part of their brand and to connect with you in other places online that will keep them updated on your brand from behind-the-scenes. This is perfect if you have a strong, fun social media presence and especially if you include customer photo's.  

What type of experiences other than shopping do you give your online customers?