6 Newsletter Content Upgrades For Your Shop

Creating a newsletter for your shop shouldn’t be about another dulling task but more about creating another exclusive shopping experience for your customer.

It’s great to always go where your customers are and that includes email.

The process of creating a newsletter that draws your customer back to your website is all about what your customers love from your brand, that experience you would give them and magnifying it through email communication.

| Upgrade Popular Instagram Posts

Instagram is one of the top ways to engage with your customers, connect with them and see what truly encourages them to purchase from your brand. Take some of your Instagram posts and turning them into newsletters will allow you to expand on the interest of your customers. If you had a style post that got a lot of compliments, take that post and expand on it in a newsletter. Show people how they can  take that same look and rock it different ways, what celebrities may have the same look, you can take that post and make date night ideas, the options are endless.

| Create a call-to-action

It’s always great to have a call-to-action with your newsletters, it helps customers feel apart of your brand and allows them to contact you back with sharing their style story from a look you suggested or Friday night hangs with your clothing, makeup, accessories, whatever you create. Always create content that inspires a call-to-action for customers. Share the replies on Social Media or your website to inspire them to send replies back.

| Add a video

Adding a video is a great way to add another dynamic to your newsletter. Thanks to the power of the internet everyone is “Visually” obsessed. From behind-the-scenes, a short film, how to wear, get creative or as simple as you want.

| Create it like magazine

If you want to see something different in your reader's emails you want to create a unique look and content for your customers. When I say create a magazine, I am not talking a 25& up pages full of content and pictures. A mini magazine email can push you and your brand past creativity. Decide on 2-3 topics to tackle like a magazine and create.

| Include a welcome gift

If you haven’t already started you want to include a welcome email that draws customers right back to your website. The welcome gift can be 10-20% off their first purchase or a free gift. It doesn’t have to be anything big but shoppers love a great deal!