7 Tips for Writing Compelling Product Descriptions

One of the most overlooked aspects of a clothing designer or boutique website is the product descriptions. Product descriptions help sell products!

Writing compelling product descriptions helps establish a successful reputation and trust with your customer

Writing well thought out and concise descriptions add to your brands credibility. Most importantly learning about your products and how to specifically describe them can separate your online boutique from the rest of the bunch and make your brand look professional. This is the time to differentiate your brand from your competitors and at a time where the industry is so saturated with “boutique owners or designers” making sure you stand out should be a top priority.

When writing a product description you need a balance between the product details and describing the benefits of making the purchase. There are so many options on how to write from bullet points, product details, describing how to style the item or something fun such as where they would wear it. The way you go about describing it depends on your brand identity and your brand voice.

Today I am sharing 7 tips to creating compelling and sell ready product descriptions you can use for your online shopping platform.


Be Consistent

If you sell a range of products, make sure you follow suit with product descriptions for every product and product page. Be consistent throughout and keep that high level of professionalism, your consumers will notice. Consumers really do pay attention and without consistency you can lose someone to your competitor. Also use the same tone throughout the shopping site.

Bring Your Product to Life

Giving information regarding clothing materials is a great start but remember this is your chance to make the customer fall in love with the product. You want your descriptions to be compelling and give the consumer a visual picture without even holding the product in their hands.

Be Creative

With all the technology today, it’s definitely a lot easier to provide a highly visual aspect to your descriptions. From video descriptions to unique photo shoots. Find ways to be creative and entertaining. Use your products descriptions as a way to provide brand experience online.

Use Strong Keywords

This is one of the most important things to remember. You want to make sure you have keywords in place just in case someone on Google is looking for a particular item that you sell. Be unique in your wording but also be as smart as the technology today.

Write Descriptions With Shopper's Personality In Mind

If you sell couture clothing you will not expect consumers to want to read a description like Forever21. Know and understand your audience and provide your description to fit them directly. Also keep your brand identity consistent, if you have a playful tone, it needs to be that way throughout your website. You must have an understanding of who your customer is, what they want and how they want to get it including marketing and promotion tactics.

Tell Your Shoppers Why They Should Purchase The Product

Great, you have listed the features of the product but why should they purchase it? Telling them the benefit of an item can help you sell. Persuade the customer and remind them why they should make the purchase.

Provide Accurate Fit and Care Knowledge

It’s great that the medium dress looks great on you or your model, but what will it look like on the customer? Many designers or boutiques miss the mark with this one. Pay attention and get all the correct information and measurements for your clothing. Nothing worse for a customer then getting an outfit and the fit is terrible. Especially for females our bodies are shaped so different. Try to include exact measurement of models in the picture, as well as other sizes! Size charts are an amazing addition. Be truthfully about the type of fabric and know the fabric quality and wash instructions, this can save customers from ruining clothes for improper care because of the wrong instructions.

Remember product descriptions enhance your website. 

Do you put an extra effort to create great product descriptions for your shopping site?