9 Ways to Use Etsy for Your Fashion Business

Starting a business is not cheap no matter what side of the industry you are in, clothing business, cosmetic company, fashion tech or even a fashion service company. Here at 1608 Creatives, I have my fair share of expenses coming in to keep the business and running. After doing many things in the fashion industry over the last 8 years I will tell you it never comes cheap but I have learned some things along the way to help me save.

One of the ways I found to save money is through Etsy. I will say my love for Etsy over the last couple of years have grown but when I realized I can use Etsy to find amazing designers and cut back on some of the spending it was a relief.

When you think of ETSY you think of all the amazing handmade products and gifts for family and friends on their special day but you never really think about using it for your business. Today I want to share a few tips on how to use Etsy to save some money + find amazing designers to work with.



Who would have thought you could get some amazing Press Kits designed from ETSY. I love doing clients Press Kits but sometimes designing the whole kit can be time consuming and if you are a small business like we are time is of the essence and you just may not have the time. These Pre-templates allow us to get some professional designs while cutting back on time and price.

With a Press Kit you always want to keep them updated with the latest collection, new releases or even single out a limited edition feature of your collection which can be pricey if you are constantly purchasing new kits, Etsy affordable kits allow you to change them with a limited budget and the product looks amazing.

Pre-Templates, the great thing about the templates they are easy to edit. If you are savvy with Photoshop or even have minor skills there are pre-design templates for Photoshop that allow you to add your own additions to the kit. If you are not Photoshop savvy there are some designers that create pre-designed templates for Word Document as well.

A major tip: Before purchasing a press kit makes sure you plan out what you are looking to put on your kit, you want to make sure that any adjustments, spaces, or changes can be made to fit your need. Once your Word Document kit is complete, hit save (in word) + save a pdf version & make sure you click Standard publishing (online & print).


New designers make a lot of mistakes in putting too much money into the wrong things is one of those mistakes. As a fashion business consultancy company we have our share of designers who come in with thousands of dollars’ worth of branding (logo’s, websites, business cards, etc.) but the worst copy writing on the website, no quality product pictures, no samples, the list can go on.

When you believe you can sell a product just because you got great branding colors you already are behind in business. A great website understands their customers and how they like to shop and in order to do that a brand must first do the dirty work. If you are ready to take your brand online to test the waters Etsy is a great spot to get started. There you will find so amazing designers for WordPress and Squarespace designers with pre-templates or custom design services that will run you a few hundred dollars whether then $1,000s. There will be a time where a more expensive website is needed but it has to be the right time and you should really understand your shopper’s personality at that point, if you are 6 month old brand start smaller, learn your customers shopping habits and grow from there. 

Read up on why Squarespace is a great place for your E-commerce business. 


Branding material (business cards, flyers, coffee cups, pens, posters, banners, thank you cards, etc.) all are great additions to any company. There are many talented designers to work with on Etsy to get the branding material your company needs.


Creating a wholesale kit can be a daunting task if you are a designer putting it together by yourself and it’s your first time. I have learned that a simple yet professional wholesale kit and order form can go a long way when focusing on getting retail stores and independent boutiques to pick up your brand for wholesale. You will find that Etsy designers already done the work of creating the outline for you and prepared the sheets for you to drop in your product pictures and Item Descriptions.


If you are looking for a polished way to do some brand promotion, stock photography is our favorite and easiest way to create a cohesive look online. Etsy is full of amazing stock photography designers with lots to choose from for fashion, quotes, product/eBook promotions, etc. We particularly are fans of the designers that allow you change the colors to match your branding.


We all love great office décor whether it’s for the home office or actual office space. Looking to jazz up your spot can be done with Etsy. We love seeing all these amazing products to fill our home office with. I think it’s amazing that we can skip the target prices and get handcrafted, affordable products. 


Custom newsletters can always make your brand stand out to your customers and draw them in. Getting pass the same older looks can be exciting and several Etsy designers has already done the hard part with formatting the newsletters for email marketing. Find newsletters that make clicking your brand emails worth it for your customers.


Creating a look book can be pricey; the photoshoot with photographers, models, hair, makeup, etc. can already have you coming out of your pocket pretty deep. These Etsy pre-made look books make it easier and affordable to create a look book on a budget and still win.


If you are a startup brand and looking to do a test run with some samples this is a perfect solution for some labels, as you are trying to see what works. There are some amazing label designers on Etsy with small bulk purchase requests which is a lot more affordable then say, 1000 labels that you may not end up using in the long run!

Here are a few of our favorite Etsy designers:

  1.  Aiwsolutions
  2.  Sarah Dobbins
  3. BloggerKitCo.
  4. TwelveSkip
  5. Foxyoxie
  6. KellyBrito
  7. JannaLynnCreative
  8. TeaandHoney Studio