9 Blog Post Ideas For Your Online Fashion Store

Blog content is a great way to build an audience on your online store.  

There are many reasons that brands can blog: to increase awareness, meet a sales goal or find a creative way to control your own branded content.

More designers are understanding the importance of using branded content to heighten shoppers interest online. If you pay attention to your Social Media and the interaction you have with your targeted shopper you can get a glimpse into what customers would love to view from your brand.

When you are focused on creating the content, creating an experience from styling, to writing compelling description of a product or even a simple announcement can create a sound brand experience for a customer looking to be apart of your brand community

Today, I am introducing 9 topics to help you create branded content on your online store blog that also translate easily to your Social Media platform.


Highlight a sales item

Share an item that is currently on sale or going on sale in your shop store. Putting links into your blog post can help drive traffic back to the sales page of your online store. This sale can remind someone who may have passed up on the original pricing or your loyal customers who would love to catch a good deal at the moment to go ahead and purchase. You don’t have to make it salesy, focus on the features of the item, why they would need this added to their cart, give inspiration on styling or even write it as a last minute gift idea!

Style your favorite products

A great style story can really inspire someone to purchase an item. Gather up local models and/or bloggers and create a style story to give your shopper some insight on how to rock a look, how to include the piece into their current wardrobe. Show the shopper different ways to wear the item and don’t forget to introduce where they will wear the look. Got a great new piece that’s perfect for a boat ride? style it and post on your blog.

Highlight your customers  

Shoppers love a great shout-out especially if it also gets featured on Social Media. It’s a win-win because they would share with their followers, which brings your brand more awareness. When customers send you pictures of their purchase or working your clothing/footwear/beauty/hair care brand in their lifestyle, show them some love by adding it to a blog post. You can do a roundup/slideshow of customer features or give the customers their own spotlight. This shows customer engagement and appreciation, raising the loyalty of a customer to your brand.

Publish company news  

When something is changing or new is coming be the first to break it to your customer. This could be a new holiday collection, to a cool new local collaboration, new team member introductions or even you bringing back a popular item, announce it directly to your shopper.

Break product down and provide in-depth information

Product breakdown is a great way to bring awareness to a particular item you are looking to make sales on. Also, this is a great way to turn a FAQ into a fun blog post. Talk about the items used to create the product, what it does or how to use/wear it. 

Feature press highlights

When your company land press features this is a great time to share with your audience. This shows trust in your brand. Use a blog to tell about an upcoming feature, go more in detail about a particular quote that relates to your brand, mission or value.  

Create Tutorials

Quick tutorials are amazing for styling video's, makeup brands looking to do a look of the day/week or how to use a hair product or accessories. Plan out your first few tutorials and start filming and see which ones your customers love the most. Tutorials are also an amazing feature to add to product descriptions, but keep it short and simple.  

Lifestyle features

Go behind-the-scenes of your brand, talk about places that your customers would love to visit, highlight an event you hosted, talk about how you would pair your items with your favorite place or things. Talk about your outdoor experience if you are an workout gear brand, if you sale coffee cups, explore coffee shops. If your brand backs a charity/organization talk about the collaboration and let your customer be apart of it. Show them where their money is going if you donate percentage of sales. Add a lifestyle feature to your blog to integrate into your customers everyday life.  

Share visuals

Sometimes blogs don't have to be all content, visuals and campaigns are an amazing way to just give a visual feel to your brand and draw in customers. Share a lookbook, behind-the-scenes of photo shoots, campaign shots, your favorite celeb looks similar to your brand.

How to expand on the experience of blogging

Highlight your new posts in Newsletters/Social Media/Front Page of Website

  • Switch it up and use these topics to create newsletter content as well.  Newsletters are a great way to send your readers to your website.
  • Take each post and make it Social Media Friendly. Easy to promote and interest a click to the website.  It's simple, create social friendly heading, grab some visuals and promote your new posts on Social Media.
  • Create a banner or visuals for the homepage to interest in customers to click to the blog. Example: If you did a FW 2016 Lookbook, take one of your favorite shots, add the wordings Introducing FW 2016 on your homepage and link them to the blog. Need inspiration for visuals read our article on using Canva to create visuals