A Helpful Guide to Creating a Wholesale Linesheet

If you are an emerging fashion brand looking to pick up a few local boutiques doing it yourself can be scary but really don’t have to be. Once you know the basics for creating the perfect line sheet (There is no one way) you are ready and set to give your wholesale sheets some action.


Why should I have a wholesale line sheet?

Well no one can really guess your prices, policy or products and it also beats the back and forth that you will take boutique owners through if you don’t have a wholesale line sheet. Learn to make it easy for others to work with you.

Depending on the store you may design your wholesale sheet differently but just make sure the basic information needed is on the sheet.  

·                 Payment Methods: How will you accept payment Card, Cash, Check, and/or PayPal?

·                 Lead Times: How many days or weeks will it take for you to fill an order?

·                 Return Policy: Under what circumstances will you accept a return? Will there be product    replacement or refund of money.

·                 Shipping: What method of shipping does your company use? FedEx, USPS, etc.

·                 Shipping Incentive: Is there free shipping for a particular amount? Does shipping differ per load?

·                 Order Minimums: What are the opening and reorder minimums for a buyer?

·                 Samples: Will there be samples available for the store employees or customers to try out?


·                 Have clear and concise pictures

·                 Keep the background the same throughout, this is not a magazine shoot, the buyer wants to see the product.

·                 Include as much information regarding the product as possible.

·                 Keep font simple and make sure your line sheet matches your brand aesthetics.

What to put under the product shot

·                 Item name                                                                   

·                 Item number

·                 Color/variation options

·                 Size

·                 Fit

·                 Wholesale Price

·                 Recommended Retail

If you have a website and one of your items is a best seller make sure to let the buyer know. Also uploading your lookbook on dropbox, Issuu or similar sites can be beneficial if you are sending an email to buyers. 

Download our Wholesale Guide + Checklist