Content Checklist For Your New Product Launch

We’ve all heard about the awesome benefits of great visuals for your products. We all know how much we are in love with beautiful graphics. There is still one problem that brand owners are yet to address…..content!

Visuals + Content= Driving Customer Engagement! Those awesome visuals are everything, especially on your favorite Social Media accounts but there is still several pieces of content you need to provide in order to introduce the new product successfully.

  1. Blog Post

  2. Social Media Announcement

  3. Newsletter

  4. Promotional Copy

  5. Product Description

Why provide the content?

Visuals are the bread, content is the butter! Cheesy I know, but it’s so important that brand owners understand that great content helps drive conversation between a brand and its customers.

Getting started on content

Before you start your journey of creating content, you must have a finished product. Some brands may introduce their “idea” to the world via online content but for this article purpose we will focus on a complete finished product.

When you start the content the best way is to start with the “Keywords” that represents your products and are popular terms used.

You must clearly define your brand voice

It’s important to understand how you will write authentically for your audience, particularly your customer. Every platform needs to have a consistent, unified voice across the board.


Product Description

A product description is the most important written copy you can have for your website about an specific product. It tells the customer what the product is, how to use it and what its features are.

The product feature needs to focus on the ideal customer, created in your brand voice, showcase the benefits of the product and engage the customer.

Content for the product description can be written in many different ways, check out our blog post on writing product descriptions.

Promotional Copy

There are so many options for writing promotional copy for your product launch and depends on all the forms of promotion you will use. Our big focus is on your website.

The promotional copy is great for newsletters, blog posts and front page features on the website. The text should be simple and include a visual of the product.

Website promotional copy examples:

  • “Introducing Spring 2016” Shop our styles of denim & rock & roll tees for a 70’s glamour.

  • “Life in denim” Shop our must-have denim collection.

Blog Post

Creating a product blog is great for SEO purposes and to drive conversation about the product. Make sure the benefits and features of the products are highlighted in the product blog post.

The blog post can be right before a launch to give a sneak peek or to encourage pre-sale interests or if you can introduce it with a visual lookbook. Once product launches you can create a blog post to talk about the product in more details, how it was made and why? Is there something special regarding the product?

Be fun, innovative and conversational! 


The newsletter should be taking very seriously because this goes out directly to potential and loyal customers who are dedicated to your brand since they have offered up their emails to your company.

The newsletter should absolutely be created in your brand voice and with your customers personality in mind. Highlight the benefits of the particular product, make sure you include the features, prices and a link to where to purchase. If you got press on the item, that should also be highlighted in the newsletter.

Your product newsletters should always reflect your brand's voice and personality. If your newsletters are playful, fun and vibrant and your website, that is exactly how you want your newsletter to read to your customer, entice them!

Social Media Announcement

For your Social Media Announcement pay attention to how your copy is so far on the website, newsletter, blog posts and product description. Your social media should reflect that same voice and personality.

If your brand voice is more friendly, fun and vibrant introducing your product should be no different.

You should aim for 3-5 different ways to post our social media copy for that particular product launch. It’s a great way to showcase the product in different ways to your audience.

If you are gearing up for a Product Launch DOWNLOAD our content checklist to make sure you have all the content you need for a successful launch.