How To Get Shoppers Off Instagram & Into the Store

The love for social media is real! We find ourselves planning out ways to market to our customers using the digital platform and offline activities are hardly discussed anymore. When setting your marketing goals try including a way to bring your customers off Instagram and into the store. 

The intimacy that comes with seeing the real thing and having a good time can really make a difference. Here are 6 ways to bring your online fans right to your door. 

Instagram Shopping

Host an In-store Trunk Show 

Trunk Shows are always great because you get to talk directly to the shoppers of your brand. Telling them about the product, how you were inspired to create it and what it took to make it happen. It’s such an intimate thing between the brand and its consumer. 

Host a music + fashion event 

Are there songs that you know represents your customer 100%? Put together a mixtape and include some local bands and have an in-store concert and dance party. Who doesn’t love a good time? 

Create a makeup workshop 

Are you a makeup brand? How about hosting a makeup workshop or even an in-store scavenger hunt? Have customers go around and look for samples to recreate a celebrity or themed look? 

Brunch with customers 

We all love brunch with friends and well customers are our friends. Hosting an in-store brunch and introducing products can be so much fun and with brunch makes it even better. This can be very simple or extravagant, however you want. Just include yummy food, products and goodies for guests.  

Host an exclusive party 

Enjoy the company of your customer’s by throwing an exclusive party and dance all night. Red carpet parties, masquerade balls, formals are great events to allow your customers to get dressed nice and come and meet the people they talk to online all day. 

Host a Pop Up Shop 

Don’t have a store, its ok; find a gallery, event space or rent space from A great time to take your online store to a physical location so you can connect with all those lovely Instagram customers.