How to Develop Blog Content for Your Fashion Business

Developing content for your business blog can be a test & trial experience for you and your team. The goal is to be consistent, tell your brand story and over time you will have an understanding of what your audience wants to see on the blog.


Regardless if it’s personal blogging or business, blogging should be fun!

If you are looking to grow in your business blog check out some tips on developing the content. 



Tackling Headlines

Skip the headline, skip the headache: Many bloggers stress about writing a headline that draws in readers. It’s true that a headline can bring in more readers or deter readers away but when it comes to the developing stage of the content pushing the headline to the side is sometimes best.

What you can try instead: Focus more on the topic and not a headline. Focusing more on your topic and what you are trying to say and then allow your content to build your headline. What happens when you start with a headline can sometimes frustrate the blogger. Your content starts going into a whole new direction and now your headline and content don’t match which can stress you out.

Remember sometimes the best headlines come AFTER the content is written.

When it does come time for you to craft your headline remember this:

  1. Include Keywords and make it Catchy!
  2. Grab Attention: The idea is to let your headline compel people to read your blog post.

Building Content

A great opening is IMPORTANT. You got your audience past the headline (Great job) now you need a great opening for your content. Your first 3-4 sentences tell your audience if they want to continue on.

Connect emotionally: Your content should aim to trigger an emotion in your reader. People react based off how you made them feel.

Practice really does make perfect: Keep writing, don’t get discouraged, and don’t give up just keep writing and know it will get better.

Developing Your Story

Be Original: Avoid writing similar to other brands; readers come to your shop blog for a reason. They want to read your words, see your visual stories. Tell the story how you would your inner circle; it’s your blog after all.

Don’t Force a topic: Don’t force a story or idea even if you think it’s a great one. Write it down and let it come to you naturally, the story will be more appealing that way.

Do Your Research: Research your topic before you start writing. When it comes time to craft your content you should have all the information you need. You may need to go back afterwards for some final touches but if you research beforehand you will have a clearer idea of what you are trying to say to your readers. Stay up-to-date on research for trends that customers are interest in, similar celebrity looks that are popular at the moment, the colors that are in. Research your target customer, their likes and dislikes, personality, favorite spots and attractions. This will give you a range of items to blog about and include your brand in.

Make it actionable: If you would like feedback, ask for it! It’s that simple. You may have to start the dialogue with your readers so they can get in the habit of talking to you through your blog.

Short vs. Long: Let your content be as long or as short as it needs to be. Don’t overdo it and never under do it. Just make sure they get all the information they need.

You content needs to answer a question: Whether you are covering an upcoming event, a new product release or a placement, you content needs to answer a question! Don’t make this complicated! When writing content you should be asking yourself what are they looking for when they read my content and did I give them the answer they need?