How to Plan & Create Blog Content For Your Product

Blog content is one of the most popular ways to encourage engagement and raise page views. It should play a vital role in your marketing plans for your business.

When you are working on content your brand’s messaging will play a big part in how you put out content for your customers. Your blog post doesn’t have to be a formal write up. Think about how you will approach a customer in the store to talk to them about your product, what would you say? How would you describe it?

When it comes to blogging there is no one way fits all! As the brand owner you should be focused on creating content and visuals consistently, testing out new ways to tell your story and measuring your results to see what the industry and customers are responding to.

A hurdle emerging designers typically have is finding the time to create a blog and being consistent. The great thing about running your own blog is that you can do it your way and balance out your own time schedule for the blog.

While it’s essential that you create consistent content that consistency could be “Once a week, Twice a week or more,” it’s completely up to you!

So, what do you need to create your blog posts?

3 things: 1. Product List 2. Calendar 4. Apps (Asana, Trello, Canva)

Product List

Start a spreadsheet with a full list of your current products that are still available for sale. Even if the products are older products, those should be added. Creating a blog post around older products could help bring some life back into them. Already having a product list is a great way to start building up your content calendar, this helps to avoid the “what to blog about thoughts.”


Whether you use a digital or physical calendar it’s important that you have one for you blog content. I prefer to use a separate calendar for content planning. A calendar allows you to keep up with publishing dates & times for your posts.


If you are a small staff there are few apps that can help make your content writing and scheduling headache free.

Asana can be used to create content idea’s, create a calendar with post dates and also update with information if this is a team effort.

Trello can be used to prep for publishing. If you create your post ahead of time, you can use Trello to organize the post with blog post title, description, visuals and blog content attachment with the dates for easy publishing on the blog and Social Media, this is also perfect if you have someone else scheduling the post, everything is there for what they are ready to post.

Canva can be used as a free app to create blog visuals.

Steps to take to creating the content


STEP 1 Write out your product list

Create a product list for all the products you will use to create blog content around. The product list doesn’t have to start in any particular order, just gather up all your brand’s products. 

STEP 2 Create benefits description for each product

Yes, this will be time consuming but it will be well worth it when trying to come up with the product post. Take the list that you created and write detailed “benefits” description for each product, individually. You want to make sure that each product has enough detailed information to make your customers want to head to the “shop” page on your website.

STEP 3 Create an outline

Create an outline for “EACH” product. Your outline can be simple or detailed. You can start with the basics. (Blog title/Introduction/Benefits/Tags (Trending Topics)/How to wear and/or use.

This outline can help you decide what you want to write, what type of visuals you want to create and also gives you a lead to follow. Once you write the introduction all you have to do is go back and create the post.

STEP 4 Write the Blog Post

Write a blog post based off your outline. The great thing about this blog post is that you can create it however you like! Make it into a video, grab models and create visuals with action shots, tell a story about the products using the benefits. Here are some great topics to try (LINK)

STEP 5 Create the visual

Create a visual for your blog post using Canva! You can create visuals for the blog post, social media and newsletters. The visuals can be pre-made or you can customize them. You can shoot pictures of your products and add them to Canva graphics for a professional finish.

STEP 6 Schedule the post on blog

Take your posts and create a schedule! How often will you post? Schedule your post on Asana (Using the calendar feature) gather your details to post them all together on Trello. You can also take that same post and organize how you will post on Social Media with Trello.

If you find this post helpful, Next Monday, September 5 at 1:00pm join us for a quick webinar where I will walk you through how to use Asana, Trello and Canva to help you create consistent blog posts for your business that saves you time. Sign up here today!