How To Prep for Holiday Press Pitching

Every designer has hope of landing press during the Holiday’s. With so many consumers shopping, it’s a great time to see your brand in your favorite magazines, on blogs and online publications.

I recently shared a Newsletter about prepping for Holiday press (particularly Christmas). We had some questions come in about more tips for making sure you are prepared for the Holiday’s. I returned to my emails and dug up some requests and responses from editors and bloggers that are important for brands when deciding to do Holiday pitching. I’ve gathered those in 8 quick tips on making sure you are Holiday pitch ready!


All product shots need to be on a white background

Many publications and blogs do slideshows and round ups that your product pictures need to be photographed individually on a white background. Also, photograph any “Holiday” sets you have as well on a white background. Hi-res pictures, white background!

Set Holiday prices in advance

Do not wait last minute to set Holiday prices nor any shopping codes that would be needed for shoppers to use online, this is perfect for knowing if your brand should be included in the under $250, $100 or $50 Holiday categories.

Create Holiday marketing materials

Make sure that anything that your company will use to promote your Holiday deals are created ahead of time, flyers and graphics for early promotion.

Prep for sample send out months in advance

If you are looking to be included in bloggers Holiday lookbooks, video’s and land press features samples need to go out months in advance, with a press release, product information, photographs and contact information or needs to be ready once an editor request it (immediately).

Gather your Holiday story ideas for “expert” pitching

If you are looking to gain some press features on “how-to’s, must-haves and more. Create your “expert” story angles and start pitching them early.

Get a proper strategy plan in place

This plan should include your research, what magazines, blogs, online publications are you looking to be featured in and who should you be contacting to pitch your brand. Gathering an editorial calendar, what holiday stories are publications looking for and when should you be pitching? Use an Excel spreadsheet to create a media list and break it down weekly in your pitching schedule, try tackling 2-4 editors a week.

Don’t forget your local news stations

Contact your local news station producers and see what Holiday stories the reporters are working on and pitch your story.

Create your own PR holiday plans for your website

Make sure you are ahead of schedule for promoting your Holiday products and events. Include them on your social media, blogs and website. Make sure your website is updated and your social media as well.

Remember magazines work on a (3-6) month timeline, you will need to gather the publications you are interested in and see the editorial calendar ahead of time.