How To Properly Handle Customers Email & Social Media Concerns

Before anything you must focus on handling customer feedback immediately. Your customer is very important to your brand and loyalty builds when they know they can trust you to treat them with respect.

At 1608 Creatives our saying goes, “Putting intimacy back into consumer relations.” The relationship between a brand and it’s customer is an intimate one, you solve their problems, you provide them with their needs, you make them happy, you fulfill their hearts with joy and you understand their wants. Why wouldn’t that be intimate and respectful?

When you launch a brand you must understand that you have a responsibility to the customer. Remove the automatic filters and connect with your customers and handle their questions, concerns and messages. From emails to social media, a simple response can go a long way! 


Respond back to emails in timely fashion

If you have a contact section on your website, which you should, you should be responding back to customers emails in a timely fashion. There is no reason for your customer to wait a week or two for a response.

1.      Set an automatic responder to let the customer know someone will get to them shortly.

2.      A actually human being needs to respond to the customer email directly afterwards.

3.      Make sure you are clear on their needs.

4.      If you are short staffed pick a day or two days that you or your team handles customer emails.  

Answer their concerns on social media

Do not in any way leave your social media comments from customers unresponded. Social Media is open to the public so potential customers, business partners, buyers, are very aware of your lack of customer concerns when done on social media. This also has a heavy reflection on your brand legitimacy. If you leave concerns unaddressed then potential clientele will see that maybe your products are not as great as they hoped and the reason for no response is because you lack care, that can ruin your brand’s reputation very quick.

1.      Respond back and let customers know to send you an email or dm with their concerns and questions.

2.      Give them a direct name and contact to the person that will be addressing their issue.

3.      Follow up immediately when you see the comment posted on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

4.      If it’s a common concern that the company has already begin working on, put out a statement to let customers know and what the next step to fixing the problem is.

When it comes to offering great customer service you must respect their feedback. Even if you have a FAQ page there is no reason that customers concerns, complaints and questions should go unanswered.

When you treat your customers with importance, they treat your brand with loyalty.

How are you putting a great customer service plan in place?