How to Use Social Media as a Fashion Brand

There are many reasons to use Social Media especially personal and business but when it comes to running a company page, business should be at the forefront. After talking to clients about using social media for marketing and doing some cleaning up on our own social media I realized that the number one problem that hinders us from growth is our “Improper following.”

The issue with our followers is that we don’t follow our clients/customers nor people/businesses that can bring major opportunities. We want to follow all the celebrity pages, all the pages with the funny memes, the girls with the entire well styled page but not our customers. (The actual buyers).



+ Why are we following the people that we are?

+ Why don’t we do engage with customers?

+ Why do we not use social media to seek out our shoppers?

+ Why is our Social Media not bringing in sales?

These are questions I have been very adamant about with my recent clients. The landscape of Social Media has changed and customers don’t want to spend time on your page without an experience. Also, with the rise of entrepreneurs and startups there are so many choices that Social Media can also be an overwhelming space for customers. Your job as a brand owner is to make it easier and relatable for them in the most authentic and unique way.

If you are working from a personal page you can have a little more fun with your social media accounts and follow any and everyone but as a brand you need to understand your customer, where they are (Social Media platforms) and connect with them directly, follow them, engage with them and make them feel about of your brand.

What end up happening is brand owners find themselves with cute social media pages but no real “customers” following?


1.      Pick which platforms you will use. Stick with the ones you know your customers are actively using.

2.      Note your customer’s personality; it will help you decide on how you will present your brand online.

3.      Make sure your pictures and bio gives a clear understanding of your brand.

4.      Understand that social media is a funnel to your website. Unless you sell directly from the social media platforms, you want your pictures and information to lead your customer to your website.


If you are looking to grow your brand via social media understanding social media strategy is important. Strategy is something you start with and continue to fine-tune until it hits a perfect result and then fine tune it to hit an even bigger one. You may spend some time re-thinking your social media strategy but the most important thing is consistency and proper following.

What are missed opportunities?

+ Press

+ Hosts

+ Sponsorships

+ Seeding/Placement

+ Funding

+ Showcases

+ Sales

+ Buyers

Besides the obvious task of spending time researching your target customer and following them. (Hashtags, similar brands, surveys, etc.) getting shoppers interested in your brand, you should be looking at other opportunities as well, following press publications, their editors and contributors to learn more about them before pitching, TV hosts, especially your local hosts, great opportunities to get local TV coverage on your brand, makeup artists if you are a beauty brand, hair stylists if you are a hair company, wardrobe stylists for a clothing brand, buyers, organizations that hosts pitch opportunities for startup brands, event companies in your fields for placement.  

Make sure you are not wasting your time on Social Media, whatever platforms you decide to try, use it properly and make it work for your brand.