Make Your Brand Visually Appealing With Canva

If you head over to Twitter you will find many webinars for you to attend to discuss the importance of a visually appealing brand. If you haven’t done the research, the data is there. We are attracted to great lighting, awesome visuals and a few pictures of really cute cats, I mean really?!

There was a time a few years ago that Photoshop was the place to go to get those visuals and if you didn’t know how to put together a great Photoshop banner, well you were kind of out of luck and money for paying someone $200 for a banner. Thanks to websites, such as Canva you can now create visuals yourself. All the templates on Canva are already pre-made you already see what your template will look like.

In Canva you can make the templates fit your brand by making changes to the layouts, fonts, colors, shapes, backgrounds, images and logo’s and even use white space to create something totally new. You can also choose from a variety of categories for your brand. Here is a list of ways to use Canva to make your fashion brand visually appealing online.


Create a sales flyer for your brand

If you want to tell your audience about an awesome sale you have going on you can do that with Canva templates. Try using templates from the categories of (Social Media, Flyer, Poster, and Invitation). You can create flyers for sample sales, holiday sales or when a popular item goes on sale.

Make a social media flyer for your online platforms

Canva allows you to create awesome banners for (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Etsy, Tumblr and even your Email Newsletters). These pre-made templates allow users to customize templates to fit their brand, adding their own pictures, texts, color and logo’s.

Build a favorable Pinterest graphic

If you are still using Pinterest, which you should be, Canva offers awesome Pinterest graphics and everyone’s favorite, “Infographics.” Infographics on Pinterest is growing in popularity, break down your content, activities or services and build you an infographic for Pinterest lovers. So create graphics for how to wear an item or new collections keep it fun and very stylish.


Create social media quotes for your brand

We all have a love of current and accurate Social Media quotes, you know all those “You shine,” “Coffee first” sayings or those uplifting posts, they can all be made in Canva. Head to the “Social Media” post categories and create flyers with your own quotes and add your own brand logo’s & links to personalize it.

Make your announcements better with visuals

Are you having an event? Fashion show? Did you get PR Placement? You can use Canva to help you make a great announcement flyer. Try out the templates in (Social Media, Marketing Materials, Events and Popular Designs) to create your announcement flyers.

Design brand posters for promotions

If you shoot a new campaign look take your best shots to Canva and create campaign posters to send out to shoppers and to go hang up in your local spots with your brand information to draw in new customers.

Create a Facebook Ad

Do you get hung up on how to make your Facebook ads look more legit and appealing? Create a Facebook Ad to get your message across and draw in more clicks to your Facebook page.

Canva is great for many things, including their free templates and the templates that are not free are $1. How can you beat that?

What do you use to create a Visually Appealing online brand?