Six Topics to Pitch for Press Coverage

Looking for a little business buzz? We all are and if you are anything like me you sit down and think, “What about this brand benefits the outside world.” –Translation: What buzz is important to the editor’s readers. One of the best things you can do to keep up with your industry is sign up for the latest news you can get coming to your email. Things in the fashion industry changes daily, there are so many opportunities to make sure your voice and your brand can be added to the buzz. Sometimes we need a little push on what buzz we should be sending out so I’ve gathered a few topics that would be pitch worthy topics.


Holiday Specials Your Brand is running

The Holidays are a great time to reel in shoppers and find some buzz. I know many brand owners try to stay away from having so many sales year round so find a couple of Holiday’s you would love to celebrate with your customers. If you want to have a holiday sale and would love editors and bloggers to share that news you should make sure your sale is planned out early and that any detail + flyers + Holiday shoots are planned early so that you can meet the deadlines of the press and bloggers.

New Season Releases

New season releases are a must pitch, you know those SS16 brands you are working on---get to pitching the new season and products now.  Also if you are releasing a new edition to the brand or collection after the season release announcement, this is a great way to grab some extra buzz. The thing to remember is that putting out a release about your e-commerce store or new limited editions designs no longer will grant you a coverage spot. Remember with your new release you should still be able to share your brand story (a strong brand story). Try making sure the releases are brand worthy. Put a moment behind the release of the story, a campaign; donate to charity, celebrity placement, etc.

Offer Expert Opinion on The Latest News Buzz

This is where staying up on the latest headlines is important; did some BIG news in the beauty, fashion, tech or even footwear industry come out? Your company maybe be working on something similar and can lend your voice to the topic, great time to pitch what you have. How about the products you use are they in high demand, talk about the relevant trend and how your brand ties in.

Media Alerts

Do you have an event coming up, a celebrity or influencer was spotted in your latest designs those are media alerts, are you teaming up and having an event  with a charity to raise funds all these are a great way get some extra press in.

Celebrity Seeding

Celebrity placement is an amazing press buzz opportunity. If you got a celebrity placement don’t just add it to your Instagram, the right celebrity can be pitched to major publications and can be a sure win for your band. Create a solid plan, research the perfect celebrities and influencers that represent your brand and set your plan into motion. 

Share Your Founder Story

I will say when there is nothing new to share (which happens; this has been a successful win for me. The founder for one of the company’s 1608 Creatives represent has an amazing story and we love to tell it. Telling her story has not only helped with booking press spots but also speaking spots.