Upgrade Your Online Fashion Store

How do you create the perfect shopping space? It takes patience and learning from your customers. Your first time may not be perfect but eventually as you use different mediums and interacting with your shoppers you will learn their personality and how they enjoy receiving their information. 

2 questions to ask yourself when creating a shopper focus e-commerce: 

+ What do they need from my brand? 

+ How do they want to get it? 

This can help ease some of the frustrations that come with trying to create the perfect shopping space.   


Common Question, “Do I need to upgrade to a bigger e-commerce platform?” 

It’s common for new designers to use sites such as BigCartel, Shopify (Now available on WordPress), StorenvyWix, Squarespace and more. New designers are weary of updating to bigger platforms until they are bringing in more money and their brand has grown, this is a common practice and when you are a new brand on the block, this tactic may be more feasible. Even if you are using these platforms you should consider upgrading and customizing to make sure your brand fit perfectly on the website and looks professional to shoppers and editors. 

Even with growth, emerging brands need to be considerate of cost and budget. Just because money is coming in does not mean you should immediately jump to expensive platforms or put thousands into your shopping site (You need to make sure you are bringing in good monthly profit before diving into expensive designs) Using sites such as Wix and our favorite Squarespace can be a great start. It can be a time to try out different things with your site to see what your audience love and don’t love and build an incredible experience from there. 

How Should You Transition? 

Before you start upgrading there are a few things your e-commerce website should already have. 

+ Homepage 

+ About Me 

+ Shop 

+ FAQ’s 

+ Contact 

Things to Add To Expand Your Shopping Site 

Personalized LookbookA look book can work for two reasons giving customers inspiration and for buyers. It’s a great opportunity to have a lookbook in place for potential buyers to check out your clothing collection and customer focus upfront. Shoppers love lookbooks and getting ideas of how to style brand pieces. 

Grouped Collections: Showcasing your different collections can be beneficial especially for boutiques or designers who carry products in different categories. Great for breaking down and grouping items on the website. 

Highlight New Arrivals: Great way to showcase what all your new products are. This is an awesome feature for a brand that updates a lot with new products. 

What should be included in your customer support page? 

+Size Guide 

+Terms & Conditions 

+ Returns & Exchanges 

+ Billings & Shipping 

+ General Asked Questions 

+Other (Important “Knows” about your brand and its policy) 

Customizing your online shop 

Although you are using pre-template designs you want to focus on customizing your shop. This is a great time to sit down with a web designer or graphic designer to get some ideas and have them create some amazing items for your website. (Read about how an Etsy designer can help you with branding). With changes to the colors, fonts, call-to-action buttons, product pictures, personalized shop advertisement, banners and video’s all these can be created for your own brand identity and help to make your shop your own. 

Additional Ways to Showcase Your Brand Uniquely 

Curate Gifts: Great for marketing around holidays. Putting together styled gift guides for your customer’s. 

Highlight Sales: When something goes on sale try having a separate section instead of having it in the main shopping area. 

Lifestyle Blog: Great way to curate your own branded content through your website. If you provide great content for your brand, it will keep your shoppers coming. 

Showcase Must-haves (Owners, Customers and Ambassadors): Another great marketing opportunity. Letting your owner or brand ambassador’s pick their monthly must-haves from the brand or even involving customer’s and each month letting a loyal customer pick the must-haves.