Why Your Sales Associate is The PR Team Best Ambassador

If you are a small business, whether that business is a boutique, designer brand, cosmetics, hair or even a home décor company, you are using some form of Social Media. 

Social Media platforms have become a big part of a brand’s marketing/Public Relations strategy. 

Typically you have your PR department and the team of people who focus on the PR aspect and the brand’s public representation but now with the popularity of social media, a company, especially a small one should switch the focus on training all employees on the power of PR. 

Employees should be briefed on PR and the overall goals of the brand monthly. Every employee that walks through your door should understand the brand’s value, the owner’s idea of success and uphold them. 

As the owner of the business or director of the PR department you should start with a PR guideline for your employee handback. 

Here are some ways to build a Company based PR focused atmosphere that even includes your Sales Associates.   

Sales Associate

 Conduct Social Media Training for ALL employees 

Helping your employees understand Social Media today is very beneficial. We understand that personal accounts are their own but when you have employees who know they are a reflection of the brand, they will understand the importance of the training. 

This is especially great to do if you have employees who are open to sharing your brand’s message through storytelling on their own platforms. All of your employees will have their own following and it’s great to bring as much exposure to the brand as possible. 

Teaching storytelling, where employees are using products from your brand to include in their everyday posts. 

Working in retail, managers sometimes ask employees to purchase or even put on the clothes once in the store so that customers can see the product on, many independent designers do this as well with their teams. This should go outside of just the store and be a big focus online, where shoppers are now heading to shop! Study shows that people by from people. 

  Train Employees to be your BEST models 

Who knows and understands the brand better than the sales associates making the sale? Using sales associates to style and pitch for “look of the day,” “trend guides,” “How-to’s,” etc. this could be for local and national press focus. Journalist get tired of the same old pitches, if you did a campaign shoot and already sent off those same pictures over and over and no one is picking up the story or including your brand, go back to the drawing board and send out new looks and angles, your employees are always there with new and fresh looks and idea’s to shoot. 

According to experticity"92% of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising." 

  Build an Editorial Calendar as a TEAM project 

Editorials and pitching to the right editors is a lot of work! Don’t miss out on other great publications, especially independent publications outside of the bigger publications and blogs. Working with each employee find out what they read and their go-to blogs are.Also allow them to assist you in the understanding of those publications voices, that way you can know how you will go about pitching your brand. Also, train employees on styling story pieces and shoot them for publications to submit to. 

Teach them how to BE your local ambassadors 

Emerging brands tend to skip over the local focus of exposure and go for the big dogs. Local press can really go a long way. Training your employees to seek out and attend local events and activities to expose your brand to is a great way to get word of mouth, featured on popular local blogs and get your name out into the community.