“The Free Black Girl” has become a heavy topic among women in the black community. What does it mean to be free? Who gets to decide what that “freedom” look and feel like? Over the years free black girl narratives came from the T.V., our family, friends, associates and spectators. Those narratives decided how much is to much or to little for black women bodies, what religion black women can belong to before she is no longer “Rightfully free,” her level of career, her dedication to a career or motherhood, her relationships, her sex life and most importantly how she defined her womanhood.

This topic of ownership crosses so many cultures when it comes to women but as a black woman learning to define freedom, I begin a journey of stopping and listening and visually paying attention to what it meant and looked like for black women to be free. I want to share those stories. I want to showcase those diverse and unique aspects that these women live out.