Dealing with Mental Illness While Being an Entrepreneur


I will say I enjoy my entrepreneurship journey, maybe not everyday but each day brings its own joys and challenges.

Entrepreneurship for me is about freedom, but for the first couple of years I didn’t appreciate the thought of freedom. I was apart of team no sleep and grind hard. It was such a waste of time. I was once sitting in a counseling session for anxiety and the counselor said, you must sit down and figure out a way to control your schedule and set limits for yourself. I personally thought she was crazy, I am a creative, I work in fashion, I also work for myself, I couldn’t possibly turn off! But, I also knew I was going crazy and once I decided to take her advice and have an OFF switch my journey became a little different.

Growth is a natural part of entrepreneurship and every step should come with a moment of stillness to be quiet, to listen to God, the universe, to your soul and move in the rhythm you are suppose to.

We miss that opportunity a lot because we are so caught up with society’s standards of entrepreneurship and work culture. If you are a part of that culture this post may not be for you and that’s ok, but if you are an entrepreneur looking for balance especially dealing with mental illness you may NEED this post whether than want!

Whether we want to admit it or not mental illness affects your entrepreneur career and the way you handle business. Being in the creative industry where you are expected to be ON at all times, it’s hard on you mentally, physically and emotionally and can leave you feeling alone, overwhelmed and in not a great place professionally.

You have to learn to be honest with yourself and SET BOUNDARIES it’s important to unplug and just be. If you are an entrepreneur you should be setting work hours, this will allow for you be present when you need and shut off when you really need to. Setting boundaries early can stop you from feeling overwhelmed, helps you to be more productive during those work hours and gives you the time during the day to re-focus and rest if you need to.

UNDERSTAND YOUR LIMIT we all have limits and you must know them. I know that mornings I take my medicine,I am very much more alert, I know what type of work and clients pushes my buttons and I avoid it. Sorry, but limits are your friend. This isn’t saying don’t take the challenge, if you are up for a challenge that will help you grow personally and professionally great. BUT, understanding limits mean knowing what style of work and time frame works best for you, what clients you are more compatible with, it’s like a relationship.

HAVE AN ESCAPE you must find something that helps you bring calm back into your mind. Sometimes sitting quietly is amazing but having a hobby that just takes your mind to a much more peaceful but productive state helps jumping back into work much easier. BE REALISTIC having mental illness is not easy and some days you will kick ass, the other days you will not. It’s ok, just be realistic with your schedule, your needs and your time. Don’t overload your self knowing that you are not in a great state at that moment, you want to still deliver you may have to slow your roll and then when you are feeling better have at it. Be forgiving and be realistic. BE HEALTHY I find the more I workout and eat healthy the more it helps with my depression. I feel better, bad food can a clutch that we use to feel better but the more you focus on your health you will help build your mental state. In order to succeed we need to be mentally and personally well, make your health a priority.

 How do you deal with entrepreneurship, boundaries and mental illness?