5 Days of Execution “Breaking Up with Perfection in Business”

Over the years I’ve had a really bad relationship with “perfection.” It’s something that has blocked my authentic growth professionally and I know it’s something that blocks many of you. The issue is that we all want to launch when the time is right, when the moment is perfect, when the pictures are above perfection for Social Media, the website looks like a million bucks, our hair, nails, and toes are done weekly, our events sell out daily and our bank account is getting hit hourly.

This type of relationship is draining, it stops us from watching the seeds that God plants grow because we want to control what comes out. Recently I was speaking with clients twice this past month about “perfection” and how they must move past it and well I was being a hypocrite and had to check myself quickly, I told them you know what I have this issue as well because it’s true.

I am so quick to say, well I haven’t posted because I am so busy with client work when it’s not that at all. I recently made the announcement that I fully launched my business, Black Fashion Influencer, this business I’ve prayed about for years, this business I’ve longed to have and God prepared me for everything I need in this moment to grow it and you know what I do? I say, “God, it’s not perfect enough yet, my website doesn’t look how I want it yet, my Social Media visuals aren’t capturing what I truly want to say, I’m not ready to promote yet, maybe I need to do a little more. Instead of watering and tending to the seeds he’s planting all I’m doing is complaining about how stuff isn’t “perfect,” when really perfection comes with execution, it comes with doing the work, it comes with shaping a vision that starts with us executing, putting together the pieces of that vision.

I decided to challenge myself this week. I have no side projects, outside of B.F.I this week so my goal is to take control and be better at execution. It’s not easy and I am 100% sure I will mess up a couple of days but it takes routine and drive to continue to get it right.

I will focus on 5 days of breaking up with perfection and focus on just letting things grow out of putting in the work.

For many of you like myself, we over plan, we set these standards and we miss our opportunities to grow because we have this idea of perfection that everything we do must meet. Let’s break that mode!

Spend this week executing your work. I am excited to hear about all the freedom you gained when you broke up with perfection!!!