A Year of Wonder

When the #YearofFreedom turns into a year of wonder.

Chasing God has been my major goal for this year. For a career-obsessed 30-year-old going into a new year without a list of goals to try and check off is, well kind of tough! My goal was to find Freedom this year, I wanted freedom from worldly expectations and a full life of love, happiness and peace without it being tied to “Something or someone.”

What does it mean to be completely at peace with oneself?

This year proved to be overwhelming and at times very underwhelming. I’m a high function girl, I need action and movement and I’ve found myself many times over the last four months being the least productive I have EVER been in my life. Even since high school. I was the girl who would go home after school and do things {write songs and poetry all night, create my own magazines and even made up interviews with artists, {lol}, teach myself how to sew, download acting scripts and perform them {cause at one time I really wanted to act lol}. In college, I was involved in multiple organizations at once and again after college I took on more jobs and projects than anyone I know so to have this SEASON of unproductivity all the time started off annoying but after a while I started to realize that I’ve become this young woman, having time to take in all of God’s beauty & wonders and that’s including myself and all that he’s called me to be, the things near me and the things far, spiritually, mentally and physically.

For the first year of my life, I am spending my days wondering through life with care. I am dancing more, singing more, laughing more, forgiving myself more and most importantly I am living more.

I’ve found myself at the point of curiosity about God and his heart that has opened a relationship that I never thought I would have with him, I’ve found myself at the point of reflecting more on habits that are repetitive in my life, are they good or are they bad? Can I multiply it if it's good or how to get rid of what's bad? I’ve found myself curious about the possibilities and I’ve discovered through this journey of #YearofFreedom by Chasing God, all I need to understand and wonder about is the possibilities, God has the how and I am so excited about God's “How” it provides the freedom to wander into the amazing things that only God can provide and what I wouldn’t chase after if I didn’t decide to embrace a life of “Wonder” with him.

Trust me #YearofFreedom has been the toughest thing I’ve ever done, some days I want control over my life back and most days I WONDER what God will help me discover next.