Speaking about Anxiety and Entrepreneurship 

"Lakeithea: What I worry about the most is getting things done.  With me, I’ve struggled with mental illness since high school.  Since high school, I’ve always been involved in organizations, my own biz and projects, but due to my anxiety and depression, I’ve always had an issue where my efforts weren’t continuous.    There were times when I’d be feeling good and then there were weeks when I would have bought’s of anxiety…and it would have me down for a while.  I struggle with always feeling like I am starting over.   There’s always the question of “if I’m ever going to be successful while trying to balance being an entrepreneur and finding a space where I am “okay”.   That’s really my greatest worry.  It’s trying to wake up every day and feel okay…questioning if I’m okay enough to be productive for that day.  Yes, I’d say that’s my biggest worry."

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